Certified Personal Information Officers

The Certified Personal Information Officer certification program is for information officers and those responsible for compliance with the conditions for lawfully processing of personal information and dealing with requests made by data subjects and the regulator.

Information Officers

Information officers play an important role in the protection of personal information. They advise responsible parties about the lawfulness of their processing of personal information, they respond to data subjects' requests for compliance and complaints of interference; and they respond to the Information Regulator's request for assistance or enforcement notice.  

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CPIO Training

Fulfilling the requirements of the POPI Act might appear to be daunting. Where should one start and what are the priority issues? A POPI management system can help will directing and coordinating the activities required and continuously improve the level of compliance and readiness to respond to instances of non-compliance with the POPI Act. 

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Fulfilling the Requirements, Building Capability and Being Prepared!

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CPIO Certification

CPIO certification demonstrate knowledge and capability to manage and protect personal information in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act. Read more...

CPIO Management System

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CPIO Expertise

IT governance experts are available to assist establish, implement and improve the governance of IT based on the ISO 38500 standard and COBIT 5 good practices.


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