The POPI management system layers real-time governance and management over operational processes to direct, monitor and continuously improve compliance with the conditions for lawfully processing personal information through the automation of planning, scheduling actions, defining work practices and real-time monitoring to enable management to proactively manage the activities and documentation necessary to support the protection of personal information.

Considerable productivity gains can be derived if an effective and efficient management system is deployed together with the correct attention to  detail of the specific requirements.

In most organisations there is considerable reliance on the staff employed to work correctly with personal information, perform the required work in the specified manner, and within the required time-frames. A system that increases visibility empowers management to track privacy related activities through real-time dashboards that give managers key information about progress in building capability and responding to data subject complaints of interference.

Management systems built using dynamic infrastructure deliver the scalability and flexibility needed to support unpredictable business workloads and enable managers to integrate business and technical activities, while reducing the risk of failing to fulfilling regulatory compliance obligations.

The Protection of Personal Information Act requires a rapid and effective response to requests for information and complaints of interference. To ensure that response levels are consistently high, management must be able plan and deploy personnel rapidly to attend to specific issues. They must be able to orchestrate and communicate who has to perform what, where and when. Attention must also be given to approval steps, cost, quality assurance, security and regulatory compliance.

Management (and other stakeholders) must have up-to-date information regarding the challenges encountered and progress being made.

CPIO Certification

The CPIO exam is for individuals knowledgeable about the requirements for lawfully processing personal information and promoting access to information.

Candidates Guide

CPIO Certification

CPIO certification demonstrate knowledge and capability to manage and protect personal information in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act. Read more...

CPIO Management System

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CPIO Expertise

IT governance experts are available to assist establish, implement and improve the governance of IT based on the ISO 38500 standard and COBIT 5 good practices.


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